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General statement

Woglue unites owners of public digital displays into a single advertising network. The uniqueness of Woglue lies in the use of the Cost-Per-View charging model powered by a computer vision system. This means that the advertiser will pay money for real views of his ads

Development Research Design
What challenges do we face?


In Woglue anybody can be a Screen Owner or an Advertiser. The software should be intuitive and simple to use without additional tips.

What will be the best way for counting the amount of views? While charging should we take into account the time of day, weekends etc. or provide flexible terms?

The digital screens can be located anywere, so user should have a convinient admin panel for managing the statistics and benefits.

What technologies we used…


We created the system following Cost-Per-Vew method of charging for advertisements based on the number of views or interactions an ad receives, so the Advertisers pay only for the real views and are informed about statistics and transactions in the personal profile and by email.

What's the point?

MIND map

Having studied client’s project and requirements, we focused on researching smart solutions for digital advertising. This research gave us valuable ideas that we used in our project. As usual, the creating of application began with creating the basic information architecture. Our step was a creation of MIND map.

UX design

We started from drawing our first sketches by hand and ended up with high-fidelity graphics.

Making good!

UI design

Before creating the visual design part, we put together several moodboards to define the app’s visual style. As a result, the final stylistic was determined.

Mobile App

Responsive design

User experience is more important than ever in today's digital age, and with more searches now performed on mobile than desktop, the need for a mobile-friendly site is imperative to a business’ success.

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